August 2022 Newsletter

With rising inflation and interest rate hikes expected to hang around for some time, households will be waiting to see what unfolds. Whether you’re feeling confident or cautious about your finances, now is the time to make sure they’re in the best shape possible.

Are you nearing retirement? Our sequencing risk animation below could be worth a moment of your time. 

This months Q&A can be found on our website, which looks at the difference between good and bad debt. 

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Newsletter Articles

Three ways to stress-test mortgage repayments

One way to prepare for uncertainty is to consider and plan for alternative outcomes. We discuss putting higher lending rates and mortgage repayments to the test.

Infographic: 5 principles to keep in mind when markets are volatile

When markets go up and down, revisiting the ‘golden rules’ of investing can often help with staying calm and confident.

Protecting retirement savings from inflation

Explore the strategies that can help with protecting the value of retirement savings, now and into the future.

ESG investing: weighing up what matters

With ESG investing continuing to be on the rise in Australia, we look at potential considerations when thinking about your investment portfolio.

Vanessa Stoykov: 4 ways to potentially make better money choices as a family

Letting your kids in on money decisions can provide a great opportunity to pass on some money wisdom and learn a few lessons of your own.