January 2021 Newsletter

We hope you had a happy and safe festive season — welcome to 2021!

In our first newsletter of the year we begin with tips to help boost your personal finance resolutions for the year ahead.

Did you know that the gap widens between what borrowers pay as home loans get older? Read our article about home loan refinancing and switching to learn more.

Watch an engaging video created by Google which showcases some of the most influential moments and topics of interest from the past 12 months.

Learn through animation how time, together with contributions, can play a crucial role in the build-up of an appropriate super nest egg for retirement.

Lastly, learn about using diversification as a key risk management strategy when constructing and maintaining an appropriately aligned investment portfolio.

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Newsletter Articles

Personal finance-related New Year’s resolutions

The making of a resolution can often be sparked post-reflection by our need or want to seek positive change in an area of our life. In this article, we discuss personal finance-related resolutions.

Borrowers: Home loan refinancing (or switching)

There are over 100 lenders in Australia offering a combined total of nearly 4,000 different home loan products. In this article, we provide a general overview of home loan refinancing (or switching).

Google: Year in search 2020

2020 was a year unlike any other in recent memory—testing us financially, physically, mentally, and emotionally over an extended period. In this video, Google showcases searches that shaped 2020.

Concessional contributions animation

Come retirement, many factors can impact your super balance—such as time coupled with contributions. In this animation, we illustrate the finer details of concessional contributions.

Investment portfolios and concentration risk

Diversification is a key risk management strategy used when constructing an appropriate investment portfolio. In this article, we provide information on investment portfolios and concentration risk.