October 2021 Newsletter

This month’s newsletter begins with an overview of accumulating wealth inside super via personal deductible contributions.

Our animation illustrates investing and the benefits associated with the goals-based investing approach.

In retirement, there may come a time when you need help looking after yourself – we provide information on the different types of aged care services.

COVID-19 continues to impact many of us financially – we cover the Government’s support available to those eligible.

We also have a candid, heartfelt TED Talk by Michelle Knox, which touches on a subject that can often be difficult to discuss – our life and legacy.

Lastly, Vanessa Stoykov’s latest financial education piece looks at ways to mentally navigate the challenge of money-related stress and focus on more positive areas of your life.

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Newsletter Articles

Contributing to super: Personal deductible contributions

For the 2018-19 financial year, 436,952 individuals claimed on average $13,395 in deductions for personal super contributions. In this article, we briefly cover personal deductible contributions.

Goals-based investing animation

Goals-based investing can involve allocating investment assets that target a certain investment return to achieve a certain goal. In this animation, we illustrate the goals-based investing approach.

The different types of aged care services

In our retirement years, a time may come when we need to consider aged care services to help with looking after ourselves. In this article, we discuss several different types of aged care services.

Update: COVID-19 financial support measures

Unfortunately, the potential to experience financial difficulty due to COVID-19 still persists. In this article, we provide a brief overview of two key Government COVID-19 financial support measures.

Talking about death while you’re still healthy

Do you have wishes when you pass away? Do you know how you would like to be remembered? In this candid, heartfelt TED Talk, Michelle Knox touches on a difficult subject to discuss with loved ones.

Vanessa Stoykov: How to lower your money stress

Vanessa Stoykov is a renowned Australian money educator. In this special financial education piece, Vanessa shares ways to mentally get around the challenge of money-related stress.